Our Team.

Here at Bellevue Marketing Agency, we assembled some of the most skilled professionals in each field, both locally and across the globe. Our model is three-fold: sit down with the client to discuss their business goals, strategize a detailed plan on how to take the business to the next level, and deliver concrete results in a long-term and sustainable path to success.


Kirill Volkov

Co-Founder / Project Manager

Kirill is the driving force behind making clients’ goals a reality. He sees projects through from concept to completion.


Kevin Shi

Co-Founder / Account Manager

Kevin is dedicated to making sure our clients succeed, going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. Talk to Kevin to learn more about what we can to do help your business grow!


Alex Zhuravlev

Creative Director

Alex is the genius behind tailored designs that have the power to attract and energize customers, inspiring them to take action!


We're here to help your business blossom.

At our core, we believe that success is multi-dimensional; so it takes unwavering dedication to reach the highest level of excellence. We set high standards and take pride in delivering remarkable results throughout every step of the way.

Bellevue Marketing Agency is committed to helping businesses reach their highest potential by gathering together an experienced team of experts, both locally and internationally. Our process begins with a conversation designed to uncover the goals our client has for their venture. From there, we develop a comprehensive plan that can bring tangible results in the long-term while paving the way toward sustained success.


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